Louisiana State University star forward Angel Reese has some thoughts about what counts as an authentic apology.

On Friday, Reese seemingly responded to criticism she received earlier this week from Emmanuel Acho, a sports analyst and former NFL player, with a pointed comment about offering apologies.

“Make sure that apology is as loud as the disrespect,” Reese wrote on X, the former Twitter. She concluded her message with a kissy-face emoji.

Reese didn’t name any names in her tweet, but it comes only three days after Acho criticized her for getting emotional at a Monday press conference, after the LSU Tigers lost 94-87 to the Iowa Hawkeyes in an Elite Eight game of the women’s NCAA Tournament.

A representative for Reese did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

During Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox Sports 1 show “Speak,” Acho found fault with Reese for crying during the press conference, saying that she “can’t be the big, bad wolf but then cry like Courage the Cowardly Dog.”

He accused Reese of wanting to be a “villain” in the college basketball world while also seeking “sympathy like a hero.”

Acho prefaced his remarks by saying that he was going to discuss Reese, who is Black, with a “gender-neutral, racially indifferent take.”

The “Speak” co-host, who is also Black, was sharply criticized for his comments. Many people on social media called him out for attempting to discuss Reese’s journey in the spotlight without the context of her identity as a Black woman.

During Monday’s press conference, Reese was asked to share what it’s been like to experience such an ascent to stardom.

“I’ve been through so much. I’ve seen so much. I’ve been attacked so many times,” she said, while fighting back tears. “Death threats, I’ve been sexualized, I’ve been threatened… so many things, and I’ve stood strong every single time.”

Reese has been criticized for trash-talking during games. She has publicly addressed the fact that she has been labeled a villain for her conduct on the court.

Male players, however, are typically treated differently for similar conduct, as are white female players.

Acho posted a video on X on Thursday, responding to the backlash he received for his remarks about Reese.

He thanked the people who’d “respectfully reprimanded” him, though he did not offer an apology in the video.

Reese, meanwhile, shared the news in a Vogue interview published Wednesday that she’s planning to enter the WNBA draft.

Reese, a college junior, discussed the possibility of getting drafted into the league, telling the fashion magazine that she’s ready to “start at the bottom again.”

“I want to be a rookie again and build myself back up,” she said. “I want to be knocked down and learn and grow at the next level.”


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