Jason Kelce is leaving the NFL, but he’s taking one disappointment with him.

The Philadelphia Eagles center, who announced his retirement from pro football this week, revealed on his “New Heights” podcast that he’s saddened about retiring after the disappointing way his team ended the last season.

“The one thing that I’m disappointed about retiring right now is that I’m retiring when the Eagles had potentially the biggest collapse in the history of the organization — not potentially, probably the most,” the 36-year-old said in the episode posted Wednesday.

“I really truly think the Eagles are going to ball out next year,” he added, before detailing why he thinks the Philadelphia team has so much potential.

“I just really think there’s going to be one hell of a bounce back from the Philadelphia Eagles next year, and it really pains me that … ” he said, as he faces not being on the roster again.

“That is one thing I’m really upset about the timing of, but it is what it is,” he later added. “I’ll have to enjoy it in a different way.”

The Eagles began the 2023-24 season with a 10-1 record before losing five out of the team’s last six games.

Kelce, who played for the franchise for his entire 13-year NFL career, said that he still plans to be involved with the team and “help out” in any way he can.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who co-hosts the podcast with his older brother, got emotional discussing Jason Kelce’s retirement at one point in the episode.

“You’ve always been a step ahead of me, and it’s always been like I’ve had that flotation device right there,” he said. “To have you out of it, man, it feels empty.”

The Chiefs player, whose team won the Super Bowl last month, fought back tears when he added that his brother’s journey was “complete” and a “success.”

Jason Kelce delivered an emotional speech at a press conference on Monday announcing his retirement.

“Stepping on the field was the most alive and free I had ever felt,” he said.

At one point during the speech, he reflected on the first time he met his now-wife, Kylie Kelce, and how his life had changed “forever.” The two have three daughters.

“I still remember the moment she walked through the door,” he said, later adding, “I think it’s no coincidence I’ve enjoyed my best years of my career with Kylie by my side.”


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