Set your sights on Saudi Arabia’s leading event in no-code technology, endorsed by top government bodies and designed by globally acclaimed experts!

The No Code Innovation Summit in Saudi Arabia is the essential gathering for industry professionals, thought leaders, and tech aficionados ready to delve into the revolutionary world of low-code and no-code solutions.

Delve into the heart of innovation:

  • Latest Trends and Practices: Absorb knowledge from top experts on the most recent developments in low-code and no-code technology.
  • Practical Implementations: See how various sectors are using no-code solutions to foster innovation, streamline operations, and achieve impressive outcomes.
  • Engaging Sessions and Workshops: Participate in hands-on sessions with leading platforms, engage in meaningful conversations, and connect with a dynamic no-code community.
  • Exclusive Insights: Network with key government officials and globally recognized specialists for a unique perspective and critical insights.

The No Code Innovation Summit in Saudi Arabia is perfect for anyone, from seasoned developers to novices, empowering attendees to:

  • Realize Their Coding Potential: Explore new paths for innovation and growth, no matter your technical expertise.
  • Enhance Your Career: Broaden your skills and become more invaluable in the rapidly changing tech environment.
  • Elevate Your Business: Discover how no-code solutions can optimize your operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth.

Join the No Code Innovation Summit in Saudi Arabia for a chance to discover endless opportunities!

Mark the dates for 20 – 21 May 2024 and be part of the largest Low Code/No-Code innovation event in the Middle East! 🚀


No Code Innovation Summit Saudi Arabia:
📅 20-21 May 2024
📍 The Garage | الكــراج, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Register Your Interest:
For the Saudi NCI Hackathon:
Check Out the Awards:

With 1000+ Prequalified Attendees | 200+ Government Advisors | 100+ Expert Thought Leaders | An Exclusive NCI Awards Ceremony & Hackathon

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