JERUSALEM (AP) — Now 100 days old, the latest Israel-Hamas war is by far the longest, bloodiest, and most destructive conflict between the bitter enemies.

The fighting erupted on Oct. 7 when Hamas carried out a deadly attack in southern Israel. Since then, Israel has relentlessly pounded the Gaza Strip with airstrikes and a ground offensive that have wrought unprecedented destruction, flattening entire neighborhoods. The offensive has displaced the vast majority of Palestinians in Gaza, shuttered operations in more than half of Gaza’s hospitals and caused widespread hunger, U.N. monitors say.

The Israeli military says it has now scaled back operations in the hard-hit north. But in the south, where it says Hamas’ leaders are hiding, it presses forward at full strength. Meanwhile, Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia and Israel have engaged in cross-border skirmishes nearly every day since the war began.

Here’s a look in numbers at the toll of the Israel-Hamas war, sourced from Palestinian Health Ministry and Israeli officials as well as international observers and aid groups.


Number of Palestinians killed in Gaza: 23,843

Number of people killed in Israel: more than 1,200

Number of Palestinians killed in the West Bank: 347


Civilians killed in Gaza: The civilian toll of the war is unknown, with women and minors making up an estimated two-thirds of those killed

Number of civilians killed in Israel on Oct. 7: 790

U.N. staff killed in Gaza: 148

Health workers killed in Gaza: at least 337

Journalists killed in Gaza: 82


Number of Israeli soldiers killed on Oct. 7: 314

Number of militants killed by Israel: Over 8,000

Number of Israeli soldiers killed in the Gaza ground offensive: 188

Number of Israeli soldiers killed on the northern front: 9

Number of Israeli soldiers killed by friendly fire or “accidents” in Gaza and the north: 29


Percentage of Gaza’s buildings likely damaged/destroyed: 45-56%

Hospitals in Gaza partially functioning: 15/36

Palestinian civilians facing “catastrophic hunger and starvation”: 576,600 (26% of the population)

Percentage of school buildings in Gaza damaged: over 69%

Students out of school: 625,000 (100% of students)

Palestinians injured in Gaza: 60,005

Palestinians injured in West Bank: more than 4,000

Total Israeli injuries: 12,536

Israeli soldiers injured in ground offensive: 1,085

Israeli soldiers injured since Oct. 7: 2,496


Number of Palestinians displaced in Gaza: 1.9 million (85% of Gaza’s population)

Number of Israelis displaced from northern and southern border communities: 249,263 (2.6% of the population)


Hostages taken by Hamas on Oct. 7: 253

Hostages taken Oct. 7 who remain in the strip: 132

1. 111 men, 19 women, 2 children

2. 121 Israelis, 11 foreign nationals

Hostages who were killed or died in Hamas captivity: 33

Palestinian prisoners released during weeklong pause in fighting: 240


Number of rockets launched toward Israel: 14,000


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